Aerial view of the Warren, Maine lagoon system. Photo courtesy of Woodard and Curran.

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Mars Hill Wastewater Lagoon System - Mars Hill  Maine. Photo Courtesy of Wright-Pierce Engineers.
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Wastewater Lagoon News in Maine


Let It Snow
Waste News March 2007

Two Maine Wastewater Treatment Facilities featured for their innovative treatment and disposal process of their respective community's wastewater.

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Rangeley resident gets EPA award

Jerome "Frenchie" Guervemont of Rangeley is one of five Maine citizens who was recognized today in Augusta by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and Gov. John Baldacci in observance of the 35th anniversary of the Federal Clean Water Act

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Fort Kent water workers rescue wildcat

FORT KENT - A wildcat escaped a murky death Monday morning when it was rescued by employees at the Fort Kent Water and Wastewater Department. The animal, which was likely a lynx, probably would have drowned if not for the quick thinking of town workers, District Game Warden Adrian Marquis said Monday.

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Lagoon Day '06
Corinna Hosts 10th Annual Innovative Training Initiative

The Tenth Annual Lagoon Day was held on June 16, 2006 in Corinna, Maine at the newest lagoon system in the state. Topics included a historical overview of the environmental concerns that ultimately led to the removal of the discharge of treated wastewater from a surface water discharge to spray irrigation.

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Maine DEP Presents Achievement Award to Eagle Lake

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection recognizes the staff of the Eagle Lake Water & Sewer District, in particular, Gerald Raymond, Superintendent of the District, for accomplishments in the wastewater field and water quality improvement.

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9th Annual Lagoon Day Presents Two For The Price Of One

Gorgeous Aroostook County and the Mars Hill Utility District Lagoon Facility provided the setting for the 9th Annual Lagoon Day Training Session on June 23rd.

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Guilford-Sangerville Sanitary District receives Outstanding Operations Award

The Guilford-Sangerville Sanitary District received the “Outstanding Operations Award” at Maine Rural Water Association’s 24th Annual Water & Wastewater Technical Conference.

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Veazie Sewer District Recipient of the 2004 MWWCA's Richard Goodenow Award for Operations Excellence.

The 2004 recipient of the annual Richard B. Goodenow Award is responsible for the operation and maintenance of a .35 MGD aerated lagoon wastewater treatment  facility, 2 pump stations and 12 miles of sewer collection system.

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6th Annual Lagoon Day

The 6th Annual Day at the Lagoon was held at the recently upgraded Veazie Sewer District’s wastewater treatment facility.

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