Aerial view of the Warren, Maine lagoon system. Photo courtesy of Woodard and Curran.

Lagoon Systems In Maine 

Systems In Maine

An Informational Resource for
Operators of Lagoon Systems

Mars Hill Wastewater Lagoon System - Mars Hill  Maine. Photo Courtesy of Wright-Pierce Engineers.
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Municipal Lagoon Systems
in Maine

Anson - Madison Sanitary District Mattawamkeag Wastewater
Treatment Facility
Ashland Water and Sewer District Millinocket Wastewater Treatment Facility
Canton Wastewater Treatment Facility Milo Water District
Caribou Utilities District Moosehead Sanitary District
Carrabassett Valley Sewer District Newport Sanitary District
Clinton Water District North Berwick Sanitary District
Corinna Sewer District  NEW Norway Wastewater Treatment Facility
Dexter Utilities District Patten Wastewater Treatment Facility
Dover-Foxcroft Wastewater Treatment Pittsfield Wastewater Treatment Facility
Eagle Lake Water and Sewer District Rangeley Wastewater Treatment Facility
Fort Kent Utility District Sinclair Sanitary District
Frenchville Water Pollution Control Sunday River Wastewater Treatment Facility
Great Salt Bay Utility District Thomaston Pollution Control Facility
Guilford-Sangerville Sanitary District Unity Utilities District
Howland Wastewater Treatment Facility Warren Sanitary District
Jackman Wastewater Treatment Facility Veazie Sewer District
Limerick Sanitary District Waldoboro Utility District
Mapleton Sewer District NEW Washburn Wastewater Treatment Facility
Mars Hill Utility District


New improvements in Veazie, Maine

A clay lined lagoon being 
prepared for a liner installation. 
Blower room is in the background. 
This lagoon will be divided into three cells.
 Notice the cement pads in the middle right. 
These are for floating airline laterals.
Click on image for larger size.

Other Lagoon Systems in Maine


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